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Journal of Silk created in 1956 is an academic journal directed by Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and under the charge of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China Silk Association and China Textile Information Center. Book size: large sextodecimo; number of pages: 72; date of publication: the 20th day of each month; international standard serial number: ISSN 1001-7003; CN serial number: CN 33-1122/TS. Main columns include Research and Technology, Design and Product, Standard and Test, Reform and Management and History and Culture etc. Ancillary columns include Window of the Industry, Technical Lecture Hall, Experience Talk and Brief News Report etc.

Journal of Silk is an authoritative professional periodical with the largest circulation in Chinese textile and silk industry, which mainly publishes innovative, novel and referential original papers in textile and silk industry. Article types involve fundamental research, process engineering, product design, historical culture and reform and management. Journal of Silk is a periodical included in CSCD, “National Chinese Core Periodical”, "Chinese Sci-Tech Core Periodical”, “Chinese Core Academic Periodical” and “Characteristic Periodical of Chinese Colleges and Universities”. Articles published have a high technological level, strong practicability, large amount of information and strong readability. It has gained great popularity among domestic and foreign subscribers over 50 years.

Subscription way:
1. Readers in various places of China can subscribe in local post office (postal number 32-28). There are 12 volumes throughout the year with a unit price of 20 Yuan and 240 Yuan/year.
2. Other readers can subscribe in the editorial department. Subscription payment should be transferred via bank or post office (please indicate subscriber or subscription unit).
After remittance, please send an email about subscription information such as subscriber, mailing address and contact information to zgsilk@189.cn or fax to 0571-88839613. The receipt of subscription payment by the account of Journal of Silk shall prevail.
Bank account name: 《丝绸》杂志社; Bank of deposit: Hangzhou Gaoxin Branch of ICBC; Account number: 1202026219900062578
Address of remittance: Mailbox 584, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, No.928, No.2 Street, Xiasha Higher Education Campus, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Recipient: Journal of Silk (zip code: 310018)
Contact number: +86 0571-88839613, 88081769; fax: +86 0571-88839613; e-mail: zgsilk@189.cn