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Aims and Scope

As a national Chinese Core Periodical and Chinese Sci-Tech Core Periodical, Journal of Silk has always insisted on providing technology promotion approaches for the revitalization and development of cocoon silk industry and providing a communication platform for the communication and inheritance of silk culture. It always runs ahead of other silk industry periodicals released publicly in China in terms of authority and influence.

The primary mission of Journal of Silk is to promote innovation and fundamental understanding in the science, technology and culture of silk by providing a medium for communication of peer-reviewed research papers. The topics of papers range from Frontier in Industry and Development Strategy, Theoretical Research and Technical Application, Design And Product Development, Industry History and Culture related to silkworm cocoon and silk. It is internationally recognized as a vehicle for the publication of theoretical and technological papers on the subjects allied to all aspects of Silk. Regular sections in the journal include reviews, original research and reports, feature articles, short communications and book reviews.