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Nostalgic Application of Silk Fabrics in Haute Couture(PDF)

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Nostalgic Application of Silk Fabrics in Haute Couture
CHEN Shoucheng YU Yuxia
School of Fashion Design and Engineering, Zhejiang SciTech University, Hangzhou 310018, China
silk fabrics haute couture nostalgic design historical feeling
Silk fabrics and nostalgic connotation are closely related. Nostalgic design is a design of selection and processing based on memory which is not limited by design style. Domestic researches on nostalgic clothing design are mostly limited to macro theoretical level and few are designed in combination with actual nostalgic elements. Therefore, this research obtains the diversity of nostalgic design of haute couture with silk fabrics through the analysis on representative brands of haute couture. The research considers that nostalgic design of silk fabrics can consider three aspectstexture, process and pattern of fabrics. Silk fabrics give people a historical feeling and human interest. Therefore, it is very appropriate to use silk fabrics for nostalgic design of clothing. With the historical feeling of haute couture, the nostalgic design of clothing is exerted to the greatest extent in silk fabrics of haute couture.


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