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Innovation and development of tie-dyeing art in textile design(PDF)

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Innovation and development of tie-dyeing art in textile design
GAO Shan Yuan Jinlong
 School of Textile Engineering and Art, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei 230036, China
tie-dyeing art textile design pattern theme colorific texture craft and techniques
Tie-dyeing art is a folk printing and dyeing technique with long history which is widely popular. Tie-dyeing fabric shows its unique artistic charm with vignetted pattern color and rich wrinkle texture and is still popular as an important fabric category. This paper finds that the innovation of tie-dyeing art in modern textile design is mainly realized by enriching pattern theme forms, increasing the change of colorific texture, integrating multiple technological means and expanding product design fields, shows more possibility of tie-dyeing art in textile design application and expects to explore new ways for the protection and development of tie-dyeing art and complete connection of tradition and modern and modernization transformation


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