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Creative Design of luminous three-dimensional jacquard fabric(PDF)

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Creative Design of luminous three-dimensional jacquard fabric
WANG Huiling ZHOU Bin YU Lan LIU Hua
 1. Textiles and Apparel College , Yancheng Industry Vocational Technology College, Yancheng 224005, China; 2. Ecological Textile Engineering R&D Center, Yancheng 224005, China
jacquard fabric flash fabric blister weave hollow tubular LED color profile
Blister weave is designed creatively, then tubular projections formed on the fabric surface, after comparing the structure arrangement of projections, the optimal one is selected. On the basis of the arrangement, designs weft blister hollow tubular three-dimensional jacquard fabric weave. Hollow pipes are staggeredly woven along the weft direction in the plane fabric body, so that ordinary woven fabric is turned to be a three-dimensional woven fabric. In order to enhance the surface decorative performance and the inherent function of the hollow pipes, using jacquard technique and color profile skill in tubular structure, showing patterns effect in the fabric surface. Meanwhile, LED and its circuit is filled in weft hollow pipes, flash fabric which has both aesthetics and functionality in one can be prepared by


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