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Study on patterns on textiles of Tay and Nung in Vietnam(PDF)

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Study on patterns on textiles of Tay and Nung in Vietnam
ZHANG Yaojun
 College of Painting & Design, Yulin Normal University, Yulin 537000, China
Tay and Nung nation the culture of textiles patterns on textiles tapestry religious
On textiles of Tay and Nung nation is one of the most important culture heritages of Vietnam. For the craftsmanship of patterns on textiles of Tay and Nung nation. In this article, the writer comprehensively analyzes the craftsmanship and culture of patterns on textiles of Tay and Nung from the perspective of technology, sociology and artistic image with the method of field investigation, document research and iconology. The research shows that Tay and Nung create decorative designs and patterns on textiles as their unique historical, aesthetic and religious expressions. These textile patterns thus preserve the culture of ethnic groups. To study in our surveys and the collections which is from museums give us the evidence of cultural connections between Tay, Nung, Zhuang and those who lives in China-Vietnam border


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