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Influence of warp number on weave starting point of double width fabrics(PDF)

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Influence of warp number on weave starting point of double width fabrics
TAN Dongyi HE Bin WANG Kun DENG Yi
?1. College of Textile and Fashion, Hunan Institute of Engineering, Xiangtan 411104, China; 2. Fujian Baikai Elastic Weaving Co.,Ltd., Jinjiang 362241, China
double width weave warp number inner weave starting point structure designcross-section
There’s a certain basis on the double width weave. However, research about the weave continuity is very little. Structures of double width fabrics based on elementary weave were discussed, and influence of warp number on inner weave starting point was researched. The results show that warp number affects the cross section of left-creasing double width fabrics without changing the covering weave, but it doesn’t affect the inner weave starting point. For right-creasing double width fabrics, there is a demonstrable mutual relationship between inner weave starting point and the warp number. Thus inner weave starting point should be paid more attention than ordinary width, warp density while designing the warp number of right-creasing double width fabrics


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