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istory and current situation of silk fabrics of Lao Loum in Laos(PDF)

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istory and current situation of silk fabrics of Lao Loum in Laos
DENG Haixia
 1.College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China; 2.Office of Academic Affairs, Suzhou Arts and Design Technology Institute, Suzhou 215104, China
Laos Lao Loum silkworm production silk fabric manufacturing dyeing and weaving techniques silk clothing culture
This paper aims to analyze the unique weaving process and artistic value of silk fabrics of Lao Loum in Laos by introducing its long history of silk production and manufacturing. To this end, I reviewed the general situation of Lao Loum in Laos and its history of silkworm production and finished product manufacturing by looking up Chinese and foreign literatures, and figured out and analyzed the category of the existing silk fabrics, weaving and dyeing skills, and the current situation of the silk fabric production industry in Laos via field observation and interview, with a hope to learn more about the ancient art and silk culture of Laos and provide a reference to Chinese scholars for study on silk fabrics.


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