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Taiwan Rukai tribe costumes(PDF)

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Taiwan Rukai tribe costumes
XU Qiang
 Faculty of Clothing and Design, Minjiang University, Fuzhou 350108, China
Taiwan Rukai tribe clothing pattern design theme composition characteristic cultural connotation inheritance
Taiwan Rukai tribe costumes are of distinctive regional and ethnic characteristics, and of various and abundant patterns and design themes, simple and delicate, and robust and chic, having formed a unique style of dress patterns. In this paper, the decoration technique and design theme of Taiwan Rukai tribe costumes were analyzed based on field research, the pattern characteristics were studied from the aspects of theme selection, style design, color application, and composition, and the cultural connotations of Taiwan Rukai tribe costumes including hierarchy, life style and customs, ancestor worship, spiritual ballast, and tradition promotion were introduced, showing Rukai people’s zeal and longing for a better life. The study on the patterns of Rukai tribe costumes is good for promoting inheritance and protection of the costume culture heritage of the tribe, and can provide the inspiration for modern design based on reference to the essence of ethnic culture.


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