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Effect of tactile properties of silk crepe satin plain(PDF)

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Effect of tactile properties of silk crepe satin plain
DENG Yuanwen YANG Yingying ZHANG Luyan SONG Xing TIAN Wei ZHU Chengyan
 1.Hangzhou Wensli Silk Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou 310018, China; 2.National Engineering Lab for Textile Fiber Materials and Processing Technology(Zhejiang), Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou 310018, China
silk fabric sand washing process tactile properties hand feeling of fabric fabric style
The tactile properties of crepe satin plain silk fabrics were tested with FTT fabric touch tester before and after sand washing, and the effect of sand washing on tactility indicators of silk fabrics was analyzed. The results show that sand washing has a significant influence on bending, compression, roughness, surface friction and thermal conductivity of silk fabrics; the bending stiffness, bending power, compression stiffness, recovery stiffness, and wrinkle resistance of silk fabrics are enhanced after sand washing; the surface friction coefficient of silk fabrics is increased after sand washing due to the presence of fluff on the surface of fabrics; the amplitude and wavelength of surface roughness decrease, the nonuniformity ratio of roughness decreases accordingly, and the flatness rises; the maximum heat flux increases, the instantaneous cold sensation rises, the thermal conductivity decreases, and the heat retention property gets improved. Comprehensive assessment of the tactile properties shows that sand washing is good for improving the wrinkle resistance, conformality, heat retention property, cool feeling, smoothness and hand feeling of silk fabrics on the whole.


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