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Influence of seam on shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding clothing(PDF)

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Influence of seam on shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding clothing
SU Ying WANG Xiuchen LI Yaping PAN Zhen LU Xiang yang LIU Zhe
 School of Fashion, Zhongyuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 450007, China
electromagnetic shielding clothing fabric shielding effectiveness seam seam type
To study the influence of seam on shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding clothing material, different experimental samples were designed and made with stainless steel radiation resistant fabric, polyion conductive fabric, and metal net according to four variables, i.e. type of sewing thread, stitching direction, seam type and edge covering with different materials. Measurement of shielding effectiveness was conducted with small window method shielding effectiveness testing system. The result shows that the shielding effectiveness of silver-coated sewing thread is more stable than and superior to that of ordinary sewing thread; the shielding effectiveness of fabric stitched crosswise is inferior to that of fabric stitched engthwise, so it is better to avoid stitching crosswise as far as possible; the shielding effectiveness of the three seam types is roughly approximate, but that of overseam is best; stainless steel fabric is most ideal for edge covering.


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