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Research on silk fibroin gel used for reinforcing protection of silk pattern(PDF)

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Research on silk fibroin gel used for reinforcing protection of silk pattern
LI Shichao HUANG Yangyang GENG Qi
 1. Institute of Applied Technology of Silk, Suzhou Vocational University, Suzhou 215104, China; 2. Nanjing Suhao Silk Culture Development Co., Ltd., Nanjing 210005, China
silk pattern silk fibroin gel reinforcing protection scaffold retreatment property
Due to the influence of the factors such as the environment of preservation, the texture of the silk pattern is extremely easy to be damaged, resulting in a decline in the strength of patterns. Thus, the silk pattern needs to be reinforced for protection. In this paper, silk fibroin gel and silk scaffold were used to reinforce the patterns, and the mechanical properties, surface characteristics and the uncovering property of patterns were researched. With the good adhesive force and water solubility, silk fibroin gel can be easily separated after immersion in water, so the retreatment property of silk pattern can be ensured. At the same time, adhesive film formed on the surface of scaffolds could ensure the uniformity of the adhesive film and avoid penetration of silk fibroin gel into the fabric structure. The experimental results show that, after the pattern was reinforced by silk fibroin gel, breaking strength, tearing strength and bursting strength of silk pattern are enhanced. After the immersion in water at ambient temperature, the uncovering force between the silk pattern and the scaffolds greatly decrease


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